Pan Asian Cuisine

A combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese, which has a delicate blend of garlic sauce, Thai curry and tempura. Opting for Pan Asian Cuisine is over a Chinese cuisine has the advantage of more and interesting option.

International grills

Grills served from all over the world. Done on a “made to design” charcoal grill as well as hot plate with very delectable and different sauce.

Balti cuisine

A cuisine which is a cousin of the frontier cuisine which is very popular in India. We have tried to reinvent the dying cuisine , which was prevalent in the Afghanistan – Pakistan border.

Mexican and Tex- Mex

Chimichangas, fajitas and quesadillas are really catching up to the Indian Palate.

Mongolian grills

Typically brutal , cooked on a hot plate with a variation in Chinese sauce, served with either rice on noodles.

Middle Eastern

Covers a wide variety of cuisines which off lately is getting influenced by Italian food. Shiverma or donnar kebab as it is mostly known is just one


We have really gone in depth in the fussion food, which is a combination of two or more cuisines. Like Paella balls, where in the rice is taken from paella–a-la-pepitoria, Spanish sea food rice and is crumb fried the continental way and then tossed in a Chinese sauce.

Cold appetizers

The glamour quotient of any party, which is put very aesthetically close to the bar , to facilitate the drinkers with fresh and cold appetizers, which could include a cold Spanish Tapas put in individual soup spoon, fresh crudités cut and kept in a glass with variety of cold and interesting dips, cold liver pate, or asparagus pate for vegetarians with melba toast. An array of international standard cheese placed on a mirror with Australian grapes, olives and crackers.

Kids menu

A very interesting menu can be created for kids birthday party where in the burgers can be made in a shape of tortoise , the chocolates be done in a shape of a mouse, the hot dogs be done like a alligator. Not to forget that a kid’s birthday party is the one which is the most fun filled.

Interesting live counters

Panini grill, waffles, crapes, Swiss cheese fondue, grill and gravy section, kadai station, tawa station, mangolian barbeques, international grill, Tempura Section to name a few.

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